27 August 2011

Other Data Catalogues

Links of Data catalogues similar to mine. They can be helpful when everything else doesn't work!


  • RadStats: Radical Statistics Catalogue (various international data sources)

  • LOD2 Project: List of Open Data (various international data sources)

  • NBER: The national bureau of economic research (data used in published journals)

  • OpenGovernment: A project to promote transparency by opening access to all datasets (mostly EU)

  • DataHub: Open Data project like OpenGovernment

Worldwide Data

The list will include data sources that contain datasets from numerous country of the world. For country specific data please check the other categories of the site.

  • UK Data Service: An attempt to merge various datasets from different sources into one platform. Includes all types of data.

  • ACRN: Anticorruption Research Network Databases contain corruption related data.

  • TI: Transparency International - Corruption Indeces.

  • UN: Databases from the United Nations.

  • OECD: Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development Databases.

  • OECD-Library: Contains all the stats, graphs, tables used in the OECD publications.

  • ILO: International Labour Organisation.

  • IMF: International Monetary Fund. All the indebted nations are certainly in here!

  • World Bank: Large international datasets.

  • The Economist: Useful financial and economic data from the leading magazine.

  • Economist Intelligence Unit: Financial Data and Dynamic Forecasts can be retrieved freely or purchased.

  • PippaNoris Data: Data from the JFK Harvard School of Government with political datasets.

  • DataBankProject: The oldest living panel data since 1815. Can be retrieved by emailing the foundation.

  • Guardian: The data repository of the british newspaper.

  • UNESCO: Cultural, Educational and Social Data.

  • World Bank Financial Data: A beta version of the latest datasets of the world bank.

  • WHO: World Health Organisation Statistics.

  • RoperCenter: International Public Opinion Datasets and more.

  • Google Data Lab

  • Google Fusion Tables

  • YouGov: The revolutionary panels (unfortunately only archive reports are available).

  • Index of Economic Freedom: The well known index of free market performance by the conservative Heritage Foundation.

  • World Values Survey: A survey quantifying cultural aspects of societies.

  • Freedom House Indeces: Data on Freedom of the world, press, net.

  • Open Budget Index:  Independent, comparative, regular measure of budget transparency and accountability.

  • Rule of Law Index: Assess a nation’s adherence to the rule of law.

  • Global Financial Integrity: Information regarding illicit financial transactions.

  • Global Integrity Report: Data on Practices in governance and assessment of the public sector.

  • Global Assessment Portal: Exceptional Guide Containing indicators for good governance characteristics.

  • Polity Project: Political Regime Characteristics and Transitions since 1800.

  • Birch Index of Electoral Malpractice

  • World Bank Governance Indicators: Measures of Quality in Governance for 213 Economies since 1996.

  • Social Policy Data: compilation of datasets on social policy systems, tax systems, public opinion, quality of govornance and political indicators.

  • Public Administration Data: unique data set on the structure and behaviour of public administration, based on a web survey. of 973 country experts from 126 countriesaround the world.

  • Graduate Institute of Geneva: Contains an interesting list of datasets of macroeconomic origin.

  • Aid Data: Search for Foreign Aid data.

  • Right to Information Index: A comparative index examining the openness to infrmation for 80+ countries.

  • Joint External Debt Hub: Free Database with debt related datasets gathered from the IMF, World Bank, BIS, and OECD.

  • Sustainable Governance Indicators: OECD Cross National Survey of Governance. Measurement of Equality and Freedom.

  • Bribe Payer Index: The 2011 index with the private supply side of corruption, published by the Transparency International.

  • Human Development Index trends

  • Gap Minder: A wide list of world health related datasets

  • Buzz Data: An interesting site that attempts to promote the use of data for storytelling and research. Good collection of various datasets too!

  • RevenueWatch: Dataset on transparency of mineral, oil, and gas exporting countries.

  • Data Gov: Graphical Representation of Data and option to extract the datasets

  • Factual: Unique data sets ranging from health,education, and entertainment.

  • DataMarket: An Icelandic treasure in data exploring and sharing. Searches through many different data providers.

  • Infochimps: Another attempt to offer a unified searching platform for data

  • The DataHub: The most extensive open data initiative

  • EH.net: Rich historical time series for a variety of countries

  • DoingBusiness: Business related data. Easiness to start a business, taxation, credit details etc per country

  • Ponemon: Data and Internet security related information. What is the cost of data for businesses?

  • Survey Question Bank: Search for major surveys conducted by various national and internation organisations

  • Internation Social Survey Programme: Archives and data from a wide range of surveys

  • PRS: Political Risk Services

  • Better Life Index: Published by the OECD categorising coutnries by aspects of good life

  • Publish What You Fund Index: Country indicators on aid transparency

  • OpenSpending.org

  • Quality of Government: Compiled by the Quality of Government Institute

  • Quandl: Datasets for Finance and Economics

  • Archigos: Rich Data Base on Political Leaders from 1875-2004 for 150+ countries

US- Canada Data Only

This post will present a list of data sources for US and Canada Only:

European Data Only

Below I list official data sources that contain datasets for European countries only. These might be both member countries of the European Union or not:

The links will be updated regularly.

Please let us know any other sources by sending an email to data@aboutsocialdata.org or in the form of a comment below.

Country Specific Data Sources follow:

European Statistical National Offices:

Data for Cities

Over the years the demand for city specific datasets has led to the opening of official city statistic sites. Major metropolis of the world engage into a transparent publication of their everyday data enabling a thorough examination of the happenings and a more open governance.

Below city datasets that I have come across through the years are posted. I must underline that all the dataset will be originated from the official sources. The links will be updated regularly.

Please post us information through an email: data@aboutsocialdata.org or in a comment below if you are aware of the presence of more datasets for other cities.