17 October 2011

Information on Greek Strikes and disruptions

Two sites attempt to summarize and offer up-to-date information on anyone interested in Greek disruptions and strikes. The latter tend to be quiet numerous after the sequence of austerity measures imposed by the Greek government. As a result, living in Greece, or even worse being a tourist while not possessing the information about public disruptions might lead to plan disruptions and other inconveniences.

Hence, the following two sources resolve the asymmetry of information by offering the exact details of the body (union, sector, etc) that will pursue action.

  • Apergia (Strike): Written in Greek but may be translated in many languages by clicking on the button at the very top of the home page. The site is exceptionally informative as it summarizes all the details for each labour action to a weekly schedule which is coloured depending on the type of action. Pretty good!

  • LivingInGreece: This site can be found entirely in english and other languages. It doesn't summarize various actions as the previous one, into a weekly schedule, however, it provides the most analytical and updated detail of the action plans. Due to the fact that labour action plans tend to be altered even at the last-minute I suggest checking this site for the last second changes so as not to be captured by surprise!

NOTE: By no means I don't believe that strike actions are negative for an economy (especially when a whole society is destroyed by the financial measures introduced by the government) and I think that massive awareness can be raised by attending (in a self protected and careful way) a demonstration in Greece.