27 October 2011

Tracking public bodies and private coorporations

The existence of a non countable number of public bodies and institutions and the even more chaotic amount of private firms and coorporations leads to the issue of who is who. The difficulty to detect the identity of each institution, its derivation and operations causes an issue of lack of transparency on the first hand and another for researches who cannot easily get access to the 'correct' institution for their work.

Assuming that i want to get electricity data for OECD countries. It will be difficult to be aware of all the various OECD electricity companies that issue their data, e.t.c.

Two sites attempt to illuminate on the aspect by providing useful details and information on the identities of the public institutions and private companies.

Public Bodies: Provides identity information about public institutions worldwide. Launched in Summer 2011 is constantly updated with new data on institutions that operate in a good range of countries.

Open Coorporates: The site which allow user to extract information and trace the derivation of a constantly updated number of companies.