23 November 2011

Is there a policy consensus among political scientists on anything?

This question is attempted to be answered by a promising initiative on global markets which launched few weeks ago by the Chicago Booth Business School.

Every week a panel of 40 carefully selected prominent academics and technocrats will be asked one policy question. The respondents will be able to signify their view by answering to the policy question by stating whether they "agree", "extremely agree", feel "uncertain", "disagree", or "extremely disagree" plus mentioning on a scale of 0 to 10 the confidence of their response.  The panel experts will also be able to offer a sort comment on the policy question so as to strengthen their response.

The initiative seems quite interesting although by some might be argued that policy questions and mechanisms demanding an agree/disagree type of answer might be oversimplistic and thus lead to non-useful observations.

The site with the panel policy surveys is accessible from here. Remember that one question will be raised per week thus is recommended to sign up for the automatic feed to receive the updates!