28 February 2012

Google tools useful in research

Through the years Google has made various applications accessible to public. Some platforms can be used heavily in academic (and not only) research.


Compare various terms for the frequency of use in the world wide web on a daily level since 2004. The terms the user might choose are infinite, the Search volume index can be downloaded in a CSV for further statistical processing. Also there are; time, regional, city, and language based filters than can applied for deeper analyses.

2. Insights

Like google Trends but more analytical and provides additional filters.

example: Check how Data from google insights has been used to create a proxy to measure racism among to U.S electorate

3. Ngram Viewer

Look the frequency of use of selected terms in printed literature since 1800.

4. Refine

Software for filtering and beautifying messy data.

5. Fusion Table

Upload your data and create a fusion table simply and easily.

6. Chart Tool

Making charts was never that simple.

7. Zeitgeist

Visualise search quary patterns.

8. Correlate

Search for terms that correlate in search quaries. You can even upload your own time series and check the correlation of the desireble terms against the dataset.