4 July 2013

Electoral and Party Databases

Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES): Rich database of electoral information for 40+ states

Latin American Studies Data: Offers Election data for 18 Latin American countries. Includes Latinobarometro & Public Opinion Project

European Elections Study: Containing data for the E.P elections since 1979

European Representative Democracy Data Archive (ERDDA): Rich data for 29 European democratic governments, 600+ parties (Plus, extensive list of comparative datasets from other researchers)

Party Policy in Modern Democracies: expert surveys for political parties across 49 countries during 2003-2004

Global Elections Database: Election results for 36 countries starting from as early as 1900s

Vetoplayers Data: Produced by Tsebelis for 22 countries providing info for ideological party position etc

Psephos: Rich historical archive with electoral information for 182 countries. Maintained by Adam Carr

Parties and Elections in Europe: Perhaps the most easy to use Electoral Archive that exists

ParlGov: Well structured and updated database on worldwide parties and elections in downloadable csv formats

ElectionResources.org: Electoral database broken down by district. Some in CSV format

Party Organisational Data: Produced for "Data Handbook on Party Organizations in Western Democracies, 1960-90" - 11 EU countries

EU Profiler (2009): Voters positions and opinions in the European Elections 2009

Parline: Information on electoral, executive, and legislative institutions


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