28 October 2013

Open Data Index

Open Knowledge Foundation in collaboration with country data experts and researchers has published the first ever index on Data Openness.

Countries are accessed on the following points:

  • Does the data exist?

  • Is the data in digital form?

  • Publicly Available

  • Free

  • Online

  • Machine Readable

  • Bulk Download Option

  • Openly Licensed

  • Up to Date

Countries are examined for the provision of 10 data themes:

  • Transport Timetables

  • Government Budget

  • Government Spending

  • Election Results

  • Company Registers

  • National Map

  • National Statistics

  • Legislation

  • Postcodes

  • Pollutant Emissions


According to the index, the champion in data openness is the UK while the country with most restrictions and data disclosures is Cyprus.

The index, criteria, and data portals based on which the index was compiled can be retrieved on the Open Knowledge Foundation Website

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